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PostPosted: Mon Jun 23, 2008 7:34 pm 
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Are you accepting new member applications?

Yes, we are currently accepting new membership applications and are recruiting prospective members.

How do I become a member?

First step:
- Read and understand the rules of the forum and servers and the other topics in the "Clan Related Information" forum (found here:*.* ... um.php?f=1 )

Second Step:
- Go to the "New Member Application Form" (found here:*.* ... f=37&t=809 )
- Copy the text from the form
- Start a new topic in this section of the forum
- Fill in the form, then post it on this section of the forum

What next?

That depends on you! If you post an application then disappear, then dont expect to be accepted. Being accepted to become a member takes time, not too long, but long enough for us to get to know you properly. We have to gauge what you are really like, and whether you'd really be a good fit with the existing members. Also we have to make sure you really want to join and actually stick around, and not just join for the hell of it.

I'm doing all that, then what?

Eventually, when the time is right, one of the members will put up a vote for you to become a member. The other members will have a chance to vote and voice any concerns or issues (if they have any about your membership). If there's nothing glaringly negative, most will vote in favor, and once a majority of "Yes" votes are hit, you're officially a member. (If by some rare chance something is found that may be viewed as negative, such as being too much of a headache and out of control for the clan admins [Ex: spewing racial crap in a server] .... the admins can veto the whole thing)

Can that process be accelerated?

Of course it can, but again, it solely depends on you. Being active in the forum (and I dont mean spamming the forum to shit) but taking part in regular normal forum activity helps greatly. As does playing with us in servers. Coming on our Teamspeak server also helps this process, because you get a better sense of the person and you'll also get to know what we're like.

Basically the more we see you around, the better we'll get to know you.

What if I dont have a headset/mic for Teamspeak?

Thats fine. Its not a requirement, but it definitely adds to the fun of membership and playing games online. Plus you'll always get to hear crazy shit when you come on.

Is there an age limit?

The simple answer is no. But generally the clan itself is geared towards adults, and we commonly have posts and topics regarding mature subjects. Generally individuals under the age of 13 are usually not accepted, unless they show exceptional intellect and understand the proper social structure of discussions and show mental maturity.

Should prospective members have children under the age 13, who would like to join with their parents, then if accepted, the children would be granted membership by "clan tag wearer" only. Meaning the children would be able to wear the clan gamertag, take part in playing in the servers, but would not take part in the forum activities.

As for Teamspeak, yes, there is an age limit. Which is 14. No exceptions, period!

Does it matter what game(s) I play?

Absolutely not. We could care less. You could play a game no one else here plays, but you take part in the forum or teamspeak and have fun then it really doesnt matter. Who knows, maybe you'll introduce members to a new game that they need to try, and maybe it will be a popular choice for playing. Of course you'll miss out in some fun in servers, or fight nights/tournaments, but if it doesnt bother you then it doesnt bother us.

Does it matter if I only play games on (name any console/PC/device)?

Nope. Just like the answer above, we really dont care. Although the majority here are PC gamers, but many do also have consoles, and play them frequently as well. But its your choice.

What if I already belong to another gaming clan/group/organization?

That's your call. Some clans may not permit dual-clanning or multi-clanning, but we dont give a shit. Its not like we'd spend the effort and time to track down this info, and in all honesty anyone smart would easily keep it to themselves and no one would ever know. So to save us the headaches and trouble (which isnt worth it) ... we simply dont care if you do or dont.

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