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Author:  Dave«Crimson» [ Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:52 am ]
Post subject:  Something for you reading types out there...

This is a very long rant I wrote a while back about FaceBook's bullshit and how I feel about it. It might worth a read if you can sit long enough through it.
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This whole FaceBook Data scandal bullshit has got me so God damned confused and searching for a straight answer that I absolutely struggle to find the benefit of the doubt here. What I've briefly gathered and in as simple of words as I can use to explain, is that when you install or use an application or extension that's being hosted or shared on FaceBook, you are agreeing to share your personal information with that 3rd party without your direct consent, (The 3rd party being the people that made the application, not FaceBook), as well as the data of your friends and family, and so on and so forth. I have so many questions about this, I am to the point of swearing off social media all together because this whole topic of privacy constantly coming up time and time again is extremely FUCKING redundant and irritating as all Hell.

On the surface, advertisements and applications on FaceBook seemed like a very reasonable way for their developers to get paid for an amazing service that provides, TO US, free of charge, a modern convenience in which to share your life with the people you love, that you may or may not physically be able to reach out to, while simultaneously saving time because we're all about that fucking shit aren't we? However, every year this concept gets challenged by people wrapped in tin foil hats that swear up and fucking down that they've been hacked. So in an attempt to break this down, logically, and reasonably, every time you play a game like Farmville, or take a fun little personality survey, whoever made said application and/or survey, has COMPLETE and TOTAL access to EVERYTHING that you made public on your profile. Makes sense so far? Keep up it gets worse! So if you're one of the people that breezed through setting up your profile and blindly accepted any terms of service, regardless if those terms were clear enough or not, or so overwhelming that it would have been unreasonable to read through (such as this rant), well then simply put, you're right fucked if you care about who gets your info! You should care too, because what this is supposed to mean is that things have the potential to get pretty fucking serious. If your entire profile is an open book, which by default it is for the most part, then these applications have access to very personal things, like phone numbers, contacts, work info, how much you get paid, who your family members are, where they live, where you live, any and all of your dirty little habits (be they innocent or otherwise), even who your children are and where they go to school. This in turn leads to the idea that you become a very prime and predictable target for attackers, digitally and physically. Has anyone else noticed a DRAMATIC increase in spam calls lately? Do you wonder why? I just told ya! Go back and try again if you don't. For the more extreme side of this spectrum, however, I will say that it's highly unlikely that the average American ass-hat is going to fall victim to the physical aspect, so you'll just have to think rationally for yourself on that one. To me, this whole argument paints an extreme "women and children getting raped and murdered", type of picture, and it's put SO perfectly together that I can't help but suspect that it's designed to instill fear and rage for some kind of unknown profit. Which if that's true, and honestly at this point regardless, FaceBook and the whole of social media just creates an unnecessary vulnerability just for a straight up lazy convenience, especially when you factor in potential predators to women and children.

There exists perfectly good alternatives to FaceBook, we don't have to be locked in to this platform. Competitors such as Twitter and Google+ are decent options, not very good ones because they suffer the same data gathering bullshit, but they're still alternatives that can bring this giant down to reality and maybe even humble the bastard a little bit. Skype or Facetime are great ways to get in touch with friends and family, and those are pretty straightforward, you can't really stack any extra shit on those. Forums exist, which is pretty much what FaceBook already is and always has been, just without all the fucking trash lying around getting in the way of what you're trying to read. Gaming platforms are my personal go to, Steam is an EXCELLENT way to keep in touch, and it's fun as fuck! Worst case scenario, we revert to using phones, remember those things? I do. They used to be used for more than just getting spam called from some Indian fuck who's trying to convince you that your computer has an infection. I think we all did pretty fucking well back in the day, shit, even well beyond that people were doing a great job with keeping in touch and getting news without social media. In addition I personally think that we're all simply getting too much fucking information from social media anyway, information that CAN NOT be generalized to suit all and not offend anyone. That would just be bullshit otherwise. There's a saying, "Ignorance Is Bliss", and I believe that for this case, and ONLY this case, we could all use a healthy dose of blissful ignorance pills. Just don't over dose on them like everyone else typically does with good things. It's human nature to destroy and rebuild, so I say it's high fucking time we burn this bitch and move the fuck on!

Another thing I'd like to point out is that it's honestly very sad and tragic every time you hear about lives being lost by the hands of complete psychotic assholes. No one can argue with that. It's down right devastating, especially if it's someone you can relate to, and even more so when combined with the fact that most of these shootings and natural disasters that occur, and result in the loss of life, could have easily been prevented. You simply can't call yourself human if you don't get the least bit disheartened by sharing someone else's grief due to such things. At the same time, however, is it really necessary to share these events on social media? Do you really need to shine that beacon? Is it really that prominent to your life? Does anyone REALLY need to hear what you have to say about that terrible thing that happened, often more than once? Were you even involved? Is it really going to impact how you go about your daily routine? Does it seriously eat at you, the echo in your mind that someone might not know? Can you only get off by the false gratification by telling that one person that lives under a rock? Is shouting it out loud and proud to the world really the best way to tell that person? Would something in your life honestly have changed either way? The simple answer is no, FUCK NO! Shut the fuck up and sit on your fucking hands you degenerate! You do NOT need to put your thoughts on display to the world to appear holier than thou! Get off your high fucking horse and come back to the real world! By the way, news flash it's round and doesn't revolve around you fucker! Now by NO means am I referring to the people that these events directly effect or at the very least someone directly related to you like a friend or family member, that's completely different and totally understandable, of course it would have an impact, and you have every right to share your feelings. That's what's called a personal tragedy and what qualifies as a rightfully protected American right! I'm talking about these major events like mass shootings and terrorist attacks, many of which take place hundreds or thousands of miles away, or other times even in other countries that people just absolutely gotta get a word in about. You can absolutely still feel for these events, but consider that when they get shared, they tend to aim to irritate the population instead of simply inform them. Which, by the way, if news anchors did their job correctly, they'd express no opinions or prejudice either way on heavy topics like these. The only thing that comes from shit events like those is more hate, more lies, more bullshit, and more impractical and hysterical reactions, more profit for vultures, more ignorant-miss-informed-and-miss-guided protests, and above all more people getting hurt and property getting pointlessly damaged. That shit spreads like fucking wild fire on social media platforms, and everyone needs to take responsibility for their actions and what they say.

I guess what I'm trying to say here, is that if you want to share and express your feelings about historical disasters, or just shitty events in general, keep that in a private message or start a chat room with your close circle of friends. Have the decency to refrain from publicly spreading comments about bad situations, because that tends to paint negative pictures to already upset people. Keep in mind that it only makes things worse, even if it's completely innocent just to point out that you feel for the victims and your heart goes out those involved. That sort of comment doesn't sound good in text, AT ALL, because written words are often poorly wrote and echo in the readers mind. Those kind of words are meant to be spoken in person to express physical empathy to help ease negative emotion. In text form, it honestly just makes you look like an selfish, look-at-me-I-said-a-thing, attention whore. So why burden yourself with petty comments on FaceBook? Why care so much about what actions, or lack there of, others are taking towards what they say or think is a good cause, or why some person is evil, or not suitable to be president? What business is it to you that I carry a gun for protection? Do you really want it impossible for good people to not carry defensive arms? Take a wild fucking guess on what kind of people get guns regardless of what laws you implement and what rights you take away. No, no, no.....guess, seriously! The fucking bad guys, good job asshole! Now that the good guys can't arm themselves, what do you think is going to happen now? Is anyone really going to have time to call authorities in an emergency situation? You'd be dead by the time you dialed 9 or yelled "HEL...". Don't you have more important things to worry about that to put on your keyboard warrior suit and slay neigh sayers and force your opinions and views on other people? (Sorry, I had to get some words in about gun control, might as well while I'm this deep into a rant.) Aren't you more concerned about your wife? Your husband? Your kids? There's three right there. Don't have any of those? How about your friends? None of those either? How about your dog? How about your NUMEROUS cats you crazy cat lady?! What about your job or your school? Why not put that emotion towards something constructive? How about your life in general? Doesn't your car deserve some attention? That light's been on for weeks, dude! Whatever, I digress into an already overwhelming rant. Bottom line, you do NOT need social media to get this information and the world does not need your "voice", it sounds like vomit anyway! It should already be well fucking known that these platforms spread fake news and skew facts because we humans get emotional and tend to exaggerate to express emotion. Like what I'm doing in this book I'm writing, have you read it yet? Pretty good so far right? Some words of advice that do wise men and women very well. Do your own research and keep your nose out of other peoples shit, and when their nose gets in yours, turn around and tell them to fuck off!

Getting back on track, I may not say and write much anymore, some of you may even think I'm dead from my lack of communication on FaceBook, but I assure you, I listen and I read........and I am NOT dead. All the use I need from social media, which may come off as a mild form of stalking to some people, is just to poke in for a minute or two and see that everyone's okay, have a Laugh N' Shit, and fucking leave. That's all FaceBook should have EVER been in the first place. I don't need applications to enhance the interaction between us, and I certainly don't fucking need to be entertained by some money burning FaceBook extension that puts on the fake facade of a game while doing so. That's a dirty fucking tactic and those developers need to burn for even thinking about praying on people like that. I refuse to share that thing because a demon will come to my apartment and chop my fucking balls off while I sleep if I don't. You aren't a true friend of mine if you post that only true friends will like and share a certain projectile vomit inducing piece of trash because it's a cute thing to do. FUCKING spare me! I 100% guarantee you that someone is making money off of you when you play and share shit like that. In spite of my negativity here, I do actually enjoy certain things, but I absolutely fucking hate being bombarded and interrupted by those same things when I'm trying to say "Hello" to a friend. I completely hate being fucking tricked into that click bait that looks like something relevant that I'm trying research. Finally, I absolutely fucking HATE these little BONUS features that get implemented into main components in order to enhance your life. Fuck you you fucking conniving shit eating data mining click bait having assholes! NO! I DON'T WANT TO SET A FUCKING SCHEDULE FOR TOMORROW! I JUST TOLD THAT PERSON I'D SEE THEM TOMORROW! WHY THE FUCK DO I NEED FACEBOOK TO REMIND ME THAT I'M GOING TO SEE THAT PERSON TOMORROW?

*Sigh, well I'm glad I got that out. After all that, I'm still not sure if I'm going to be sticking around on FaceBook. I feel like it's getting damn close to that point to where it's just not worth the bullshit anymore for what's supposed to be a simple convenience to chime in and say Hi and have a laugh with you guys every once in a while. "Hey! That was a funny cat video, so-and-so would fucking love to see this!"..."TO FACEBOOK!" No more...No less. It's getting harder and harder every day to ignore these distractions every single time I log in, and I'm sure a lot of you are getting sick of it too, especially if you've made it this far into this epic rant novel I wrote. Adblockers, Will Power, and determination aren't enough to cut it anymore. Even straight up modifying the fucking code on this shit show of a website isn't enough anymore. Whatever happens...happens I suppose. I may just not...log in anymore. It's been like, 8 fucking hours of writing and proof reading this bitch, and I'm understandably exhausted. So...

To my family and friends, I hope you enjoyed reading. Stay sane, stay smart, and keep loving each other because without you, one way or another, the world would just be a very dull shit hole otherwise and remember, WE run this show mother fuckers! FaceBook can not exist without us.

Author:  ~QF~Chips [ Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Something for you reading types out there...

Too much for me to read. Looks like a fucking novel.

I haven't used Facebook in a long ass time. Ever since it became "Try this recipe" or "share if you love Jesus" I fucking gave up. I don't have time for that bullshit. Plus I could care less what someone, whom I have not talked to in 15 years, is doing that day. The only social media platform I stick with is Instagram. I like pictures, not novels... :roll: :rofl1:

Author:  Dave«Crimson» [ Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Something for you reading types out there...

I held out a little longer hoping it would get better, it didn't. There are things that should have been fucking obvious from the very beginning, like data mining. Why people are just now making a big shit about that is well beyond ignorance to me. I also held out through the whole leftist movement about Trump this and Trump that, anti gun this and anti gun that, etc. It's always something and I'm tired of it, I don't want to see it anymore. Then I wrote that novel so that when people wonder why I disappeared from FaceBook, they'll know why.

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